Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long Key State Park

Florida Oldscool Camper Rentals 

---in the Florida Keys

~ The bus to take us on this trip was Jasmine ~

Jasmine is a 1978 VW Westfalia Deluxe. She was our first bus, and Dixie's first love. As far back as we can track she has been owned by women, and to honest seems to prefer her women drivers.

She has taken at-least 60 trips to the keys. 

She was has been in a few weddings, and took a lady 5' tall on a 10 day trip around the state of Florida. To this day we are still unsure how she reached the peddles.

Jasmine sports her original plaid fabric which is retro in style. She has 2 double beds, one up stairs and one down.

She travels Florida spreading love where-ever she goes. She is the one we call jasmine!

We also have bike and kayak packages that can be added to your vacation more adventurers! 

There is one thing this state park has that no other one has... the view! All sties are beach front with an amazing view of the water. We stayed at campsite #6 and it was steps away from the water. The beach is a narrow natural beach in the keys with clear shallow water that goes for miles. Not only can you get lost in that blue green contrast of the water next to the blue skies, but wait till sunset! Be a witness to one of the prettiest sunsets right from your camper. After the sunset has wowed you, make sure you have enough energy left to build a fire and enjoy the dark sky of the Florida keys. Truly an incredible place. What else is there to see in this park? I could not tell you as I could not take my eyes off the view!

 No need to leave the campsite with nature happening all around you! 

The view of the point 

Osprey's are the best hunters. I have not seen one miss yet!


  • Prehistoric coral reefs grew here over the course of millennia, when the sea level was over 20 feet deeper. The remnants came to form Long Key, and the rest of of the Florida Keys.
  • The climate and waters provided abundant plant and aquatic life fro the Calusa, who settled in the area long before the Spanish explorers arrived. 
  • The Spaniards called the the island "Cayo Vivora" meaning Rattlesnake Key since it resembled a  snake with its jaws open. 
  • By the early twentieth century, Long Key became an important depot for the completed Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railroad. The railroads's founder, Henry Flagler, also established the Long key Fishing Camp, a resort that attracted the greatest saltwater fishermen from around the world. But it did not last for long when in 1935, the Labor Day hurricane devastated the Club, the railroad, and much of the keys. 
  • The land came to comprise the park was acquired between 1961-1973, with the officials opening in 1969. 

Swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, and picnicking, as well as full facility campground, hiking and wildlife viewing can all be enjoyed at this park. Amenities include three nature trails (I guess there is something to do!) one canoe and two on land, picnic area, and 60 full-facility campsites.

Today, visitors can explore this island by canoeing through a chain of lagoons or hiking two land based trails. The Golden Orb Trail leads visitors through five natural communities to an observation tower that provides a panoramic view of the island and its profusion of plant and animal life. Some of the best bone fishing in the keys is found here. Full facility campsites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Located: Mile marker 67.5 U.S.1, 67400 Overseas Highway

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