Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gus the Photo Bus

Photo-booth inside 1977 Volkswagen Van 

Florida's Original Photo Bus was stated by Florida Oldscool Campers. They originally started renting out vintage campers for vacations in 2010. One day while at the mechanic Dixie inquired about an beaten up tin top bus. It had been sitting for-sale on the mechanic lot, D&A Auto for over a year. It turned out Darrel had taken care of all the mechanic on the bus. A change of heart between a father & son landed the bus back at D&A for sale. With all the maintance with the fleet, it took about a year to transform and restore the bus. We ended up stealing the colors from a square back at our paint store. The name came from a family that was vacationing in one of our campers from Minnesota. They had booked a last minute trip and the father and I worked closely to secure his campsites. While we were in the process of putting the bus back together, the family of four showed up. I remember the wife embracing me with a hug thanking me for all my help, but the adorable son named Gus stole the show. The next morning I woke up with the song 50 ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon. I told Mike, "I bet the parents were yelling, get on the bus Gus. We laughed and sang the song and it seemed fitting for our new project to be called Gus the Photo Bus. 

The Photo-booth inside of Gus is set up much like you remember from the 70's. With a high resolution camera we capture great photos and print them out on the spot. We also offer some fun props to add in the fun and bring your guest together. We print on larger 4X6 cards with the bus in the back ground to give the full experience. This also gives us room to add names, dates, logos, etc for your guest to remember the event. After the event ends we send the photos for you to download, and use as you please.

Gus as a limo the photo equipment can easily be taken out for the bus to be transformed to a limo service. The bus mechanics are all brand new so we drive all over the state of Florida. We have also added an apron under the mechanics of the bus for indoor, or paved areas. We have several weddings that choose to have Gus drop off the bride, or groom and then transform into a photo booth during the reception. Within 15 minutes the photo-booth can be broken down and be an exit vehicle for the bride and groom. 

Custom we would be happy to work with all types of events, parties, photo sessions or video with Gus the Photo Bus or our three campers.  We are a very small company and love working with our clients to make each experience personal and unique. We are old school, not only with the bus but with our customers service. We care about your experience, your time and your special day. 

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